Sizing Details

All of the dimension options available for my photographs refer to the size of the paper that the image is printed on. All of my prints come with a border as this allows for easier matting and framing. The image is not cropped to fit the paper but it's presented in a way that is best for the image so the image may not fit the paper exactly. In this case the paper is trimmed to provide a uniform border.

Care Instructions

It is highly advised that upon receiving your print that you get it framed and displayed ASAP. If a print is kept rolled up and stored in a tube for a long period of time, the memory properties of the paper means that it can tend to take on a natural curvature. This can be a bit of a headache when it comes to framing so it is advised to get the image displayed sooner rather than later.

Refrain from touching the print to avoid fingerprint marks.

For maximum longevity of your print I would advise displaying it in an area that is kept out of direct sunlight, as this can lead to hastened fading. If this is unavoidable, there is glass available for frames that has UV protection built in which can help to protect your print.